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**Locations subject to change***

Please contact John Gentile, ACS/ALB- Sergeant at Arms @ 212-686-7500 x 7550, (any Club Officer or inquire at the information desk in the lobby of the VA Medical Center).
3WA= 3 West A Conf. Rm, 3WJ= 3 West J Conf. Room
3WB = 3 West B Conf. Room
2N = 2 North Conf. room (next to library-2nd floor)

Club Meetings - Date/Time and Location
7/12/18 12-1pm 2N Conf. Room
7/26/18 1-2pm Atrium A
8/9/18 12-1pm 2N Conf. Room
8/23/18 1-2pm Atrium A

Monday - Coaching Sessions:

***Please confirm TIME and LOCATION with Michelle Nelson, DTM @ 212-686-7500 x7627 or any club officer. We can accommodate your needs!

Club Officers (Board) Meetings:

**Executive Board meetings are for Club officers ONLY.** Board meetings are at 12noon to 1pm in 3076 South Conference Room :

7/6/18... 3 South
7/20/18... 3 South
8/3/18... 3 South
8/17/18.... 3 south

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